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Do you think that NUSC are representative of your views as a supporter?  

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Press Statement released today in the Chronicle and across websites.




Sign up to register your support, this is not a protest group, although we have formed during difficult times and we will be protesting, this is a permanent group who hopefully (with your help) will go on to give the fans an official voice.




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We will be in touch shortly to give you further information, until then please keep an eye on the Evening Chronicle and websites such as nufc.com, true-faith.co.uk, toontastic.net. Click here to return to the press release.


Just advertising tbh. ;)

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At 7.30pm on Tuesday evening, just around the corner from St James’ Park, a small piece of history was made for Newcastle United; the club’s true owners met to discuss its future. Mike Ashley was not present inside the Tyneside Irish Centre, there was no sign of any wealthy Arabs, no investment bankers made themselves known and no managerial candidates were interviewed.


Instead, a few hundred souls turned up their collars to brave the unending drizzle and reclaim their birthright from Ashley, the memory of Freddy Shepherd, too many energy-sapping disappointments to recall and the grotesque national caricatures of Geordie blarney. It is one of the (many) oddities of such a loyally-followed club that Newcastle has not had its own representative supporters’ body, but that is now changing.


Mobilised by Ashley’s mismanagement of Newcastle, the destructive and self-destructive treatment of Kevin Keegan, the appointment and influence of Dennis Wise – and with a back-history compromising years of underachievement, bad decisions and corrosive publicity – the Toon Army is marching. Amid the turmoil of the club, there is both momentum and a glimmer of optimism.


Start-up costs have been funded by fanzines and websites, The Mag, true faith and nufc.com and there is a sense in the city that if supporters cannot organise themselves now, when will they? The protests which accompanied last weekend’s 2-1 defeat to Hull City – proud and furious - proved beyond measure that Newcastle cares, but this latest venture will require time, effort and almost certainly heartache.


Those on stage – including veterans of earlier campaigns, from Save Our Seats to the Magpie Group – and those who spoke from the floor, reminded Ashley that in spite of his recent efforts in the Middle East, he is nothing more than a “caretaker” of the club. That supporting Newcastle is about more than buying pints in nightclubs and wearing a black and white shirt with – bitter irony – ‘King Kev’ plastered on the rear.


There were outbursts of anger – people grasping the opportunity to release frustration – and suggestions good and bad. For the sake of accuracy, there were several expressions of indignation at an article carried by The Times that morning in which Newcastle fans were termed “whining, whingeing, self-pitying, self-indulgent and deluded.” A powerful counter-argument was provided.


There was also a collective agreement that in an era when fans matter less – when ticket sales are made irrelevant by television income and the personal wealth of directors – their voices should be heard more and with greater clarity. These are early days; membership, leadership, and a name must be decided upon, never mind a course of action, but Newcastle’s owners are stirring. The message: they are not selling-up.

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imo just as long as this supporters' club is involved in the protests against the current incumbents, to me it means it has already taken sides, and does not represent me as a fan.


i feel others will see it this way, and in the long term (although i hope i'm wrong), the NUSC will fail. and miserably

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