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Relegation Dogfight: who are our rivals?


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Before I say anything else:  :weep:


Anyway, it seems pretty clear that we're mired in a relegation dogfight. While I don't think our squad is relegation standard, they simply won't be preforming up to standard until the club is sold, ending the uncertainty and giving us a proper manager. Unfortunately, I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.


With Kinnear (no offense meant to the bloke) at the helm and confidence where it is right now, we're definitely a team that is shooting for 15th-17th at best.


Having said that, who should be looking upon as potential rivals in the forthcoming relegation battle?


West Brom just seems deeply unimpressive in every way. They have no outstanding performers and seem to roll over quite easily to any sort of challenging opposition. They seem like a textbook relegation-standard team.


Stoke has got some fight in them and deserve credit for discovering the 40-yard long throw as the key to making Bolton-lite football seem somewhat compelling, but in the end I feel that they're just not good enough either. On a side note, WTF did we sell them Faye  :angry:


Nobody seems to be talking about West Ham but after a bright start to the season they've been fading fast and have lost three on the trot. They have an inexperienced manager, a deeply average squad, and absolutely no money to spend in January. Crisis waiting to happen imo.


Middlesbrough just look like a shockingly weak squad, and while they've always been like that and still manage to stay up, they'll hopefully end up in the mix come end of season.


Bolton just seems hopeless, almost as bad as we are. They're surely a side we should aim to finish above.


Fulham is obliged by law to flirt with relegation every season.


And of course, we'd all like to think that Tottenham could go down, but with a decent manager in just in time, I think they'll finish comfortably somewhere around 10th-15th.


My projection: Bolton-West Brom-Stoke are the ones we should look to send down. Hopefully we'll survive this somehow.

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I think thats a good call but in about 3-5 games I think we'll know a lot clearer who our relegation rivals will be.


I reckon West Brom and Bolton are the weakest teams in the league. Stoke have a decent enough home record which I think will just about get them by, while West Ham will pull it together imo. They played some really good stuff today against Arsenal. But never say never...

Boro will be there abouts, as they always are. Us V them might actually mean something to us this year the way things are going.


Tuesday is such a big match for us. A draw would be almost as bad as a loss imo. What with Spurs catching up.

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West Brom, Stoke, Fulham and Bolton are the boys to beat like.

I am trying to work out what effect Redknapp leaving Portsmouth is going to have on them. I know they have some quality players but once confidence and morale take a hit, anything can happen

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When we go down, lets just hope were the best team to fight to come back up, some how i just cant see it.


Bottom half of the Championship is littered with recently ex-Premiership clubs.... worrying


Fuking frightening mate.


Considering what makes us a 'big club' right now is attendances, cannot see that being a factor if we get relegated. Sure i'd say we'd have the top attendance in the Championship, bt only by a couple of thousand, nothing to build a stable foundation on especially the money were paying the fuking dossers and cowards we've got in our squad right now. Thank christ a few of their contracts are running out.

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The tables still very congested though, should we win on teusday it is possible to haul ourselves way out of trouble for the time being.


If we lose we are 7 points behind a team most think are certs for relegation

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Stoke for definite.

Outsiders not mentioned yet, Blackburn after Santa Cruz gets sold in January

Hull, who I still think will implode after a great start.

Sadly, we are worse than anyone on and off the field and the peple in charge should be shot with shit for allowing it to get like this.

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Bolton, Stoke, Fulham, WBA, Blackburn, Wigan. Boro Sunderland will be the cream of the krud.


Its who can keep their heads above it.



I think we have enough in our team to keep us above these fckers now Barton and Jonas are baack.


It will be a tight season but I think we have enough.  I hope we get flogged to someone who is interested in building a club and will spend some money on players in january just to tie us over.


No team this season that we have played has stood out to me.  Well the only exception was arsenal at home.  Everyone else has been pretty average or below.

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Portsmouth may be in trouble depending on who they get in to replace ol Deputy Dawg.


They've no money to spend in January and may well come under pressure to sell the likes of Defoe, Crouch and Diarra.


West Ham will yo-yo around 14th to 17th but will ultimately be safe I reckon.


Bolton, Stock, West Brom are the obvious candidates.


Boro look very weak, but there are potentially goals from Mido, Alves and Tuncay which should see them OK.


Spurs should recover, but they will come into April still not being safe.


As for us, depends on a number of obvious factors


Owen being fit

Club being sold

New manager beign brough in

Viduka getting fit

Butt losing a leg

Duff " "


Our games to Christmas are vital, if we are in the bottom three come Jan 1st I think we will go down, pull away from it slightly and we'll be OK.


Oh and we will get to the FA cup final again in May

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It is amazing that considering how rotten our results have been this season we are only 7 points off 7th in the table. We are very lucky that there are a lot of teams that are still very close together.


We must win on Tuesday. If the club isn't sold in time for the transfer window I'll be very worried. The return of Jonas, Barton and hopefully Owen soon will help.

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