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Biggest challengers next season


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The amount of players who transfer in and out of Championship clubs over the summer is usually pretty high, it's far too early to tell yet as madras said. Also there's usually about 12 challengers until March, then inevitably a few fall away. It's going to be annoying as fuck.

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Er, all of them. Plus some others.




If our magnifficent owner  :knuppel2: and the rest of our stupendous board/management team  :kinnear: haven't been able to get this club moving forwards, with all the benefits we have had of being in the Prem league, then why the hell should anyone have any faith in them being able to guide us anywhere near a promotion spot in the championship?


I know its a bit raw at the moment, and it probably hasn't fully sunk in yet, but I am more concerned at looking at the trapdoor to the 3rd division.

Christ on a bike, thats just depressing. :rant:

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There's no predicting who'll be up there/who won't. These clubs will want to be pretty much up there though (or expecting to be):





Sheffield United (build from play-off defeat)

Reading (build from play-off defeat)

Preston (build from play-off defeat)

Cardiff (build from missing out on the play-offs)

Swansea (build on an excellent season)

Bristol City (build on a solid season that waned towards the end)

QPR (have lots of money and will demand success)

Watford (build on strong period after arrival of Rodgers)

Ipswich (lots of money, new manager, wanting success)

Coventry (SISU investment, young able squad, will be aiming for play-offs)

Sheffield Wednesday (Some good players, decent season, big club, will be aiming high)

Leicester (Will invest heavily and look to continue impetus upward, hoping for play-offs/top 10)

Peterborough (Will probably spend and look to preserve upward momentum, may surprise some teams next year)

Derby (American investment, decent finish to the season, will be looking for more this year)

Forest (Rumour is they've got a fair bit of money to splash about, will be looking to get to where they feel they 'belong')


That there is over 2/3 of the league. And every single one of them will be aiming to finish in and around the play-off positions or better. Then Doncaster (who are a good side), Plymouth, Barnsley, Scunthorpe, Crystal Palace, Blackpool will make up the rest imo, but even out of them Donny and Palace can do good things. It's really difficult to predict the Championship next season and will be a tough league to get out of.

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