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The tops I've owned.


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Just been going through toffs to get some ideas for my hols and my mind was cast back to the tops I've had. Just wondering if anyone else had some strange tops in their history.


Here goes.........


Various Nufc from 74-75 with badge and last one being umbro sleeves and blue star. also had a toffs 40's style.


Spurs away (yellow with 2 blue half stripes)


burnley 70's nice and warm


blue with white collar (generic 70's ipswich/everton)


Northern Ireland (pre 82' world cup)



penarol 70's(toffs)


ajax 70's(toffs)


Argentina (early 82, worn once...you work it out)


holland (early 80's adidas sleeves)


PSV (early 90's)


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Chelsea yellow away shirt from about 1996. I was only 6, but I liked it.

France away shirt with Benzema on the back.

Real Betis from about 2002 with Joaquin on the back.

Luminous yellow Barca away shirt with Messi on the back from a few years ago.


Thinking about getting this as well, India away shirt:



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Ahh I kinda collect shirts, I actually rarely wear them, but like collecting them, rarer the better. I get them if I go somewhere on holiday as a souvenir, or if it's cheap, don't often spend ridiculous amounts on them.


Here's my list over the last 5 years:


Newcastle 07/09 Home Shirt

Newcastle 04/07 Home Shirt

Newcastle 04/05 Away Shirt

Newcastle 95/96 Home Shirt

Hartlepool Home 05/07

Hartlepool Home 08/09

Man City Home 04/06

Celtic Home 04/06

Celtic Home 07/08

Rangers Home 07/08

Hearts Home 08/09

Inter Home 03/04

Roma Away 07/08 (80th Anniversary)

Napoli Home 08/09

Fiorentina Home 08/09

Real Mallorca Home 04/05

Las Palmas Home 04/05

Barcelona Away 05/06

Sparta Prague Home 04/05

England Home 05/07

Netherlands Away 04/05

San Marino Home

Croatia Home 08/10

Finland Home 08/09 (Litmanen #10)

Denmark Away 08/09

Switzerland Home 08/09 (Barnetta #16)

Latvia Home 08/09

Czech Republic Home 08/09

Austria Home 08/09

FC Barcelona home 08/09 (Ibrahimovic #9) on order


Loads of older Newcastle shirts aswell I threw out, regret it now, was before I became a hoarder.

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Guest Geordiekev

Owned a Gateshead home top (worn by Justin Robson) given to me after letting him take a few penalties at me in goal, as a kid I was over the moon with it and It's embroided badges lmao,  :doh: Also owned a Keegan (game worn) NUFC umbro shirt that I swapped to a mate for a catapult when I was a kid.... He had it taken in by his mother and wore the threads out of it. Being a ballboy paid dividens in my youth.


I'm just starting to collect 80's 90's Newcastle shirts (for my son) as he is having them framed in his room with the appropriate game photo's and other signatures and stuff...

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Always thought a replica on anyone above the age of 12 looked pathetic.


If they've got one of their 'hero's' on the back and a big shitty sponsor on the front definately.

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NUFC Bird Shit Blue Asics

NUFC Asics Vomit Covered Goalie Shirt (This was one of my favourites to wear going to 'Uni' in Sunderland)

NUFC Shroud Of Death with Shield on back (no number)

NUFC Shiney Blue Away Shirt

NUFC NTL Home Shirt

NUFC NTL Away Shirt (Blue)

NUFC First Northern Rock Home Shirt

Stopped getting them after that (the away shirts were a bit meh and the next home shirt had the shitty gold trim).


England Red Shirt

England White Shirt


The one that I can't understand was having a Leeds United shirt when I was about eight.  Both me and me brother had them, neither liked football at the time, my parents didn't like football, nobody in the family supports Leeds (my uncle is a fan of Manure but that's as close as it gets).  The only reason I can think of having them is cos me mother picked them up cheap somewhere.  Luckily this didn't have any adverse effects on me.  That I know of.

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Loads of Newcastle tops, can't be arsed listing them.


England away shirt (2004)


This Lazio one:




And this Barca one:




Fucking loved the Lazio one, they used to have it on Fenwicks 3rd floor with the sportswear for ages and I begged my mam for it.. eventually she relented. No idea where it's got to. :(

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Guest firetotheworks

Every incarnation of Newcastle Home kit 91-98

Newcastle Home 05-07

All the Asics Keeper tops except the rank yellow one, although in hindsight they were all sick.

Every Newcastle Away and 3rd kit 92-99

Arsenal Away 94/95

England Home kits 86, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98


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Ones I still have..



1993/1994 home. (McEwans Lager, not blue star)

1995/1996 home

1998/1999 away

1999/2000 home

1999/2000 away

2000/2001 away

2002/2003 home

2007/2008 home



1994/1995 home

1998/1999 home

1999/2000 home (100 yr anniversary top)

1999/2000 away

2001/2002 away

2004/2005 away

2005/2006 away

2006/2007 away

2007/2008 away


Northern Ireland 07 away



Portugal 2002 World Cup

Brazil 2006 World C up

Inter 1998/1999 away (great top)

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I had this Dortmund top!  Complete with 18 Ricken on the back and everything. :lol:


It's since been threw out tho. :(

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