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Wenger: I DID SEE IT!!


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Wenger - I did see it



Gunners boss admits he protected players




Wenger: Sees everything (and not a blind cunt)


Arsene Wenger has admitted there have been occasions where he has strayed from the truth in a bid to protect his players.


The Arsenal manager very rarely publicly criticises members of his own squad, preferring to gloss over controversial incidents by claiming he did not see what occurred.


But the Frenchman has now confirmed that his supposed myopia is often due to the fact that he is unable to explain a player's actions.


Asked if he had ever been economical with the truth, the Frenchman told the Daily Mail: "Yes, because you are thinking, 'Why has he (a player) done that?' and you know you cannot explain it.


"At times I saw it, and I said I didn't to protect the player, because I could not find any rational explanation to defend him.


"This is a job where you have to have an optimistic view of human nature or you become paranoid. You always have to think that a guy wants to do well.


"A coach is there to help. He must think that if he helps in the correct way the players will respond. You cannot be suspicious."



Wenger also spoke about his long-term project at Arsenal and admitted he would have been "betraying his beliefs" if he had abandoned it to go and work for Real Madrid.


"I want to go to the end of my job here. I built this team, I want to deliver with this team and I feel that if I left I would in some way have betrayed my beliefs," he said.


"It is nothing to do with what Real Madrid have done. I just couldn't see leaving this team at this stage of their development."


Wenger stressed the main objective for him is to create a coherent team, rather than to try and build a side around a handful of key individuals.


"I believe in working in our job, creating connections between the players. I believe in what makes football great," Wenger said.


"It is a team sport, a collective sport. You can win because you are more a team, or because you have more individual talent. What is interesting for me is the team ethic.


"I love the Davis Cup, but I am not a big fan of individual tennis. It is when sport is about the team that I like it. I like the Ryder Cup."






Has hell frozen over?

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afraid to admit that after nufc, i tend to follow arsenal, mostly cos my best mate from uni was mad aresnal suporter.


99% of french people are tits, but 2 go against the flow, wenger, and my mates mum from morpeth who i always fancied like crazy )

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it this really news, we all know he fucking saw it. 


some of our previous managers can learn a thing or two from wenger's bullshit.

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I disagree that a manager should always protect his players, especially with regards to diving. I would like to see him say "it's clear that my player dived, and I will be having words with him about it... we don't want to see that from Arsenal players."


He might be saying that in private, but somehow I doubt it.

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Alex McLiesh Raises Wenger a 'I didn't hear it'







Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has slammed Birmingham's fans for chants which he describes as 'atrocious'.


Blues fans sang 'There is only one Martin Taylor' after Liam Ridgewell had slid in hard on Theo Walcott during Saturday's game at Emirates Stadium.


The chants were in reference to Taylor's infamous challenge on Eduardo some 20 months ago, which broke the Croat's leg.


And Wenger was left seething with the reaction of the Birmingham fans.


"I was disappointed with the chants, it was frankly atrocious," said.


"They will not be remembered for the quality of their taste with that kind of remark.


"I didn't say a word, I just thought 'That's low'.


"Eduardo was here. I don't know how he felt about the chants. I just put that in the ranks of stupidity - you want to forget it because there's not a lot to say."


Blues boss Alex McLeish insisted he did not hear the chanting.


"I never heard it," stated McLeish. "I'm not going to discuss it.


"We don't condone that kind of thing. Our fans gave us great away support but I wasn't aware of the songs."

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