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Famous Newcastle Fans


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Alright, I am "relatively" new to the Newcastle fan-dom - having become a fan of Newcastle in '02.  Who are the "famous" NUFC fans? 


Tonight I went to the Frightened Rabbit show here in Orlando and apparently one of the guitarists (Billy Kennedy) is a huge NUFC fan (according to a dude in We Were Promised Jetpacks).  I consider this dude "famous" because their band will be huge after the release of their next album.


Who else is there that I wouldn't already know?

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That you've probably heard of: Tony Blair and Sting. Although neither are what you'd call fanatics.  O0


I know those two, unfortunately, what are the other ones that I may/may not know?


I also know of the cricket dude who is at most of our matches.

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Guest Haris Vuckic

Bryan Ferry

Brian Blessed

Chris Eubank

Gabby Logan

John Mccririck

Ant and Dec

Cheyrl Tweedy

Mark Knofpler

Steve Harmison

Graeme Onions

Paul Collingwood

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Guest Haris Vuckic

Michael Jackson was a huge fan apparently, his whole life was black and white.


Yes I heard he paid particular attention to the youth policy.

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Isn't Norman Wisdom a toon fan? Sure I've seen it alluded to on nufc.com before. Jimmy Adams the Windies cricketer is as well.

reply no19.



he's a long time toon fan.


Didn't see that. Good lad. Has he got any known connection to the area?

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