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Mido on £1,000 per week


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Mido will now pocket a meagre £1,000-a-week - less than some plumbers earn - after penning a loan deal from Middlesbrough  until the end of the season.


The "nominal" sum paved the way for what West Ham owner David Sullivan described prior to its completion as "one of the most amazing deals of all time."


"He doesn't want to be known as a 'has been' of English football, so he is willing to come here to play for a nominal fee, just £1,000-a-week," Sullivan said.


"Mido is a rich boy, even though he is still only 26, and he told us he doesn't need the money, but he wants to prove something in English football."


Mido, who has had previous spells in England with Tottenham and Wigan, said: "I am here to play football and to prove a point, definitely. I am very happy to be here.


"I had to sacrifice some things but this is a great club and I am sure I will do well here, hopefully."


West Ham also signed Benni McCarthy from Blackburn on transfer deadline day, although the South African came a little more expensive - he will earn £38,000-a-week.


Three jobs that pay more than Mido's:


Train driver (up to £70,000 pa)


Oil rigger (£55,000 pa)


Junior site operations and maintenance manager at an offshore wind farm (circa £60,000 pa)

Or put another way, it will take Manchester United Wayne Rooney just four days to earn what Mido will in a year.

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Guest Stephen927

Fair play to him. I don't like him, but that is a good gesture that he wants to just come for the football, obviously he needs a bit to live on and have fun with like any other Prem footballer, and no doubt he has plenty to fall back on, but its still a good gesture which can't be ignored.



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Do some plumbers actually earn £4k a month?


Some plumbers in London with London waiting may get or be around that. I work for Housing Assoc & our plumbers are not anything near that.


Self employed plumbers with plenty of graft & few OOH call outs will get that easily.

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Stolen from F365:


Mido signing for West Ham for 'only' £52,000-a-year gives us a good excuse to wheel out our favourite ever answer by a footballer to a banal question.


When asked by the Spurs match day programme 'What would you be if you weren't a footballer?', Mido said:


"Probably nothing. My family is very rich."

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His brother has said this is bull s*** apparently.


Aye I can see him knowing more about the contract than the club owner like ;)


As been mentioned it is more than possible that West Ham are only paying that very small proportion of his wages with the rest being paid by Boro.



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