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Doctor Zaius

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For all those of us that have had to put up with them for the last 2 year. For all those who have had to listen to them pretend they're a big club, how they've always been better than us and their constant snide comments.


For this








and this ugly cunt






Enjoy it.



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Normal service has been resumed.

someone shouted that when leaving the gallowgate yesterday to many chuckles. a loud shout, master of ceremonies style "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...........................................................NORMAL SERVICE HAS BEEN RESUMED"
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Quite nice that we've smashed the two teams that rubbed our noses in it the most when we went down :)


Isn't it? Isn't it just :clap:


Anyone find that joint villa/sunderland badge they mocked up?


Ooh...now that would be nice to see ;D



knock yourself oot! ;D

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