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All the best to everyone who posts in the football forum we have had a great year with  promotion & beating the scum 5-1 so even if Alan Smith starts against Man City it has not been a bad year. Those that who are in our flock who have lost somebody in the last 12 months please post there names so your on-line community can remember & think of them tomorrow. All the best to you, your family & your friends .


Pissed = Aye

Care about others = Aye

User Of The Best NUFC message board On The Net = Aye (I mean this place!!!!)



Speak to you on 26th December




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f*** off, all of you.


See you in the Monkey!!!




A merry 25th of the month to you all :aww:.


TBH I drink with me dad on Crimbo morning so I will be in the Westholme club, we have the same banter & conversations we have had for last 15 years with the same group of blokes.  Me saying what does everyone want & all of the old blokes saying "Put your money away" = Xmas morning. I should  go to the Monkey for a change but I would have to speak to about 100+ people I haven't give a shit about since leaving Burnside.

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Guest SuperShola!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Make sure you all wish upon the Christmas star, you wish for the Toon to beat ManCity and Nigel DeCunt gets his leg broke!

Hope you all have a good'un!


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Have a bug-eyed Xmas everyone.




Well the eldest kid is bug-eyed from looking at all the presents under the tree, I'm bug-eyed from checking to see how much Xmas cost with my bank balance online, wife's bug-eyed from too much wine last night and the baby, well  the baby is just bug-eyed.. so I figured we can't be the only bug-eyed family this Xmas day.

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