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So when does Pardew resign?

Guest Brazilianbob

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Only managers with integrity resign. The Sounesses, Allardyces and Pardews of the world cling on for the big pay off.


And they're the ones that get slagged off, even by their own fans. Weird as fuck.

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Pardew doesn't have the bollocks to resign.


Would anyone seriously want him to resign (not that he has any reason to)?


I sure as hell wouldn't.


Stop talking sense man FFS  :angry:


Sorry, I didn't mean I want him to resign. That would be disastrous.

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Why do you think Hughton was sacked and Pardew brought in?


Apart from Pardew being Ashley's casino buddy that is?


So you really think Hughton was sacked because he would have been able to stop that Carroll deal going throgh? Bollox tbh.

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