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Transfer Flops

Martin Lol

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............. so far this season?


A few to choose from.  Kieron Dyer to QPR was always going to be a certainty so doesn't count but what about.....


1. Nasri, 25mil and 170k a week and has looked cack.


2. Mertesacker, 10mil, made a lot of mistakes, some of which have led to goals, lets hope Wenger sticks with him all season.


3. Downing, 20mil. Not got a premier league assist or goal yet for the scousers, and there was the stat the other day showing something like 37 of his   

    38 passes in the final third of the game v City were backwards.


4. David De Gea  £18m looking like an awful lot of money.


5. Pienaar  :whistle:  Inspired signing by Redknapp  :frantic:


Nasri for me.






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Guest icemanblue

Carroll and Torress maybe?


Exactly. :lol:


The ones Abe here has listed are all arguable. Except Pienaar, he's shite.

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Palacios. Stoke's medical team strikes again, when he's fit he's not in the team either.


Henderson, Downing.


De Gea. Could have got a better keeper without breaking the bank and spent that on a midfielder, Ashley Young has done nowt for months.

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couple of others spring to mind


N'gog rather predictable he'd be so shite

Hutton awful defender and dirty too

Bothroyd well out of his depth

that south american striker everton got on loan has barely appeared-while the sold for peanuts yak is scoring for fun in a shit team, when all is said and done is Moyes that good at his job?

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I'd have him on there tbh Beren hes an abomination of a defender, turning circle of an oil tanker with about as much pace and to top it off hes poor enough in the air and not very strong


He is very bad in the air for such a tall guy. Arsenal's defence can look solid, and 'sacker seems vaguely competent at times. Generally when Vermaelen is around.

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I've stuck up for Mertesacker before and every time he immediately makes a crap mistake, but I choose not to learn that lesson/ It takes time for players to settle in, and he needs patience, I think he is rather worringly slow but could make a very solid defender, and with Colo being so great after such a bad start think we shouldn't write him off. Being a bit generous, has looked incompetant at times but think once he's adapted to the pace could be the graceful tackler and ball player he was in the bundesliga

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