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Bert Trautmann RIP


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Now, here's someone of whom it actually is fair to say 'he was a legend'. R.I.P. Bert. :thup:


100%. This story I remember reading about as a 6 year old from a sports encyclopedia I had been gifted in 1974. Aside from my trip to Wembley the previous May, and unduly irritating my Dad for raving about KK  :lol: , this story of undoubted bravery and courage helped me love the game of football. A great man!! R.I.P.

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Guest Phil K

Great man, and one of the true gentlemen of a sport has very few "gentlemen" certainly not these days


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I knew roughly of his story but reading about it there was fantastic. Not so much for the football, but the Nazi aspect. I've never been able to get my head around the decade preceeding WW2, i mean i know what happened and why it happened in a "GCSE history way" but the whole thing just seems impossible. So it's good to hear the point of view of a guy who lived it.


"Travelling is the best education," - Couldn't agree more Bert. R.I.P

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