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Malaga 3 - 1 Newcastle United - 02/08/14


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There no thread for this? Anyway, this is part of the Schalke Football Tournament. It's live on Quest:



Channel 37

Channel 38 (+1)



Channel 167

Channel 195 (+1)


Virgin Media

Channel 172

Channel 173 (+1)


UPC Ireland

Channel 154

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Everywhere you go, always take Cabella with you!


Not enough Crowded House related football chants.


Hatem Hatem don't dream it's over

Hatem Hatem when the king comes between us

He comes He comes

To build a wall between us

The king won't win.

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what the hell is Quest, sounds like the sort of channel I'd watch reruns of Fort Boyard on at 1 in the morning.


Sounds like something that would show reruns of military-based quiz show Skirmish with Alan Partridge.


Anyway, I think we'll lose 2-1.

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