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Newcastle United 1-0 Manchester United - 06/10/19


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I think he needs to set them up to frustrate Man Utd.


Man Utd have struggled to break teams down this season it’s only when teams open the game up do they hurt you with the pace of James & Rashford.


Bruce needs to get Saint-Maximin & Almiron on the pitch at the same time and play to counter them.



          Schar Lascelles Dummett

Manquillo                                Willems

                    Ki  Longstaff

        Saint-Maximin    Almiron


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Please let us get absolutely hammered by a team in trouble so we can have a good international break reading and listening about Bruce getting stick for at least 2 weeks.


For some reason I get the feeling Kenyon will step up his takeover bid in those two weeks. Looking forward to daily updates from the Chronicle.

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Be funny if loads of Man Utd fans make it in the home end and some fights kick off


Not funnier than the pathetic defeat surely to come though.


Hope long gone for me now, you can't be hopeful in a serious manner if the club is run the way that it is and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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Guest reefatoon

The whole ground scrapping like the fight scene from Anchorman, resulting in Ashley being killed by a trident. Beautiful.

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