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Newcastle United 1-2 Everton


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I think we’ll win. I know it was pre-Ancelotti but Everton haven’t looked much this season and like when Rafa took over here it sometimes takes time to really get things organised.


Carroll to get the winner in some narrow win in a scruffy game. Scenes in the free ticket seats

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Imagine getting in for nowt, watching Newcastle get humped and then booooooing them off


Don’t understand the booing thing

That happens most games most teams then they lose

Not that I do it myself but it’s literally normal in football

Not really funny tbh

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Harsh on Manquillo but the rest of the changes seemed necessary. Same shit formation by the looks of it though.


We have to give the players a chance to master  the formation and so I hope we are giving it another go.


The benefits going forward will be worth it. Sick of just sitting deep and punting it to one man that has no chance of doing anything.

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