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PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media

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Woke up to 200 new messages in here and wow. 

not allowing myself to believe just yet too many false dawns. 

as others have mentioned as well. Serious concerns over the new owners but we have zero control over who owns the club and the role of football in our lives is often to get away from reality. 

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Had 4 hours sleep , up now so excited .


I can’t believe the change so quickly is about to happen , ive slated everything NUFC , the club had lost me . I’m now considering humble pie and falling in love again .


Drawing a line in the sand , don’t care what I get called , I’m back in . 

1976 was my first game , I entered the paddock in the West stand in awe, ive seen some shite and I’ve seen some wonderful times , a new era begins .

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The thought of decent kits, sponsors, training gear, a tidy modern clean ground, a proper training ground and facilities, a social media team, Christ this is before we even start thinking about players and managers. The idea of actually wanting to be home to watch match of the day. Just being ran like a decent premiership side has fucking ignited the fire again. 

I honestly thought I was done with NUFC and pretty much football. Just shows despite the damage that bloke has done, it never leaves you, this city is about to fucking take off, what a time this could be a Geordie/nufc fan man 💕 

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I see w few saying we can’t do a City or Chelsea (Miles at FM for example), but even without that, I’m sure The Athletic ran a report or what PL clubs could spend before breaking FFP and ours was £100m plus. 

Add in the fact that pre-Ashley, our commercial revenue was greater than Spurs & and within 25% of Arsenal’s, then there’s scope for any commercial deals to reach that sort of level without any questions raised given how Ashley ran us?

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1 minute ago, bowlingcrofty said:

FFP is easily got around. Especially if the state and PIF are separate. Nothing to stop a state business sponsoring a completely separate organisation, is there? 😂


I'd start with purchasing 2 stadium tour tickets for £125 million each

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  • Rich changed the title to PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media inject a further £38.5M to cover day-to-day running costs (The Athletic)
  • Rich changed the title to PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media

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