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DO: feel free to be either optimistic or pessimistic about the potential for new ownership

DO: feel free to express those opinions in an un-provocative and reasonable manner without undue repetition

DO NOT: deliberately antagonise those who do not share the same view as you

DO NOT: 'chomp' / 'take the bait' at any post or poster who you feel is deliberately trying to be unnecessarily provocative


Not trying to be overly officious, just hope that everyone can agree that this is a reasonable approach. We all want what's best for the club, let's not try and drive ourselves to madness before it ever happens. 


Howay the lads. 




Previous thread:





July updates:




1st July


NUFC Statement





The Club continues to receive requests for updates on its current arbitration claim against the Premier League (‘EPL’) considering the lawfulness of the EPL’s decisions regarding the proposed takeover of the Club involving the PIF.


Unfortunately, the Club is unable to make any comment about the arbitration. The EPL Rules provide the entire arbitration process is confidential.


However, both parties can agree for it to be in public. The Club believes it should be.


The issues at stake, including the lawfulness of the EPL’s decision making process and the widely publicised alleged influence of the EPL’s commercial partners on the EPL’s decisions, are of far wider interest to other football clubs, fans and the public in general.

The recent attempted breakaway by some EPL clubs - and the reaction of the government and public to it - has again highlighted the need for transparency and fairness in football governance. Gone are the days when important decisions that affect clubs and their fans should be made secretly, behind closed doors and away from the public eye.


The Club has nothing to hide with respect to the arbitration and invites the EPL to agree that it should no longer be held behind closed doors. If the EPL has acted lawfully and properly, it should have no reason to be afraid of the public spotlight.

To date the EPL has strongly resisted any public scrutiny of its decision-making process. It tried, and failed, to prevent the High Court’s judgment about elements of the arbitration being published last February. It is currently attempting to prevent the competition courts considering a claim by the Club’s sellers from taking place in public, arguing that too should be held in confidential arbitration.

So the Club has invited the EPL to agree - as the claim raises such important issues of sports governance, transparency and openness - that it should be held in public. The Club is prepared for every stage of the process to be in public: the public should be able to see the parties’ evidence and arguments as well as the full decision of the Tribunal when it is made.

The government quite rightly threatened to intervene in reaction to the proposed breakaway from the EPL earlier this year, and the reaction of football fans and the wider public was instrumental in stopping the emergence of the European Super League (ESL).


If the EPL continues to insist that the Club’s claim must be determined behind closed doors, the Club asks that MPs, the government, the media and the general public call on the EPL to finally accept public scrutiny of its decision-making process.





4th July


Staveley writes to Tracey Crouch






5th July


Tracey Crouch responds to Staveley's letter






5th July


Following submissions of evidence by both the Premier League and St James' Holdings in CAT jurisdiction case, the PL is given a further seven days to 'file and serve evidence'. 






5th July


Staveley speaks with SSN










6th July


Government responds to Staveley's letter to Dowden





July 7th


Staveley speaks to ITV






July 12th


Football ombudsman writes to Premier League:


"I trust you will take these concerns with the seriousness they merit and respond in a way which will address the legitimate request for transparency," the ombudsman wrote.






14th July


Oliver Dowden MP says not a lot. 1:22 on the vid below. 





July 15th


Chi Onwurah tables questions to Oliver Dowden, plus responses. 





July 16th


Staveley goes on Talksport. Deets to follow. 


Can be found among this (but you'll have to scroll to 10:10am and the link probably won't work for long):



Full transcript:



"I'm so staggered by all the incredible support that we've had from the fans over the last year. More tha na year. Many of them today, many of you guys listening and taking time out of your lives to travel to London. We're so grateful for your support, we really think this is important. 


We think that the arbitration process should be made public so that you guys can see exactly what's going on. One of the great draws of the club was the fantastic fanbase so I'd like to take the time to say thank you to you all. 


I think we've made our points very clear to the government and I think the arbitration is key, we obviously want this transaction and the club and want very much to invest in the club, invest in the north, invest in Newcastle, and there's no reason why that can't go ahead. 


Obviously this arbitration process is critical and I think that's why all of us want to have the chance to see what is going on between the PL and Mike.


One thing I would like to make clear, we also want to have very good relations with the PL. Trying to become part of their institution, we're huge fans of football at all levels - grassroots is very important. 


We're very supportive of Mike and we hope we can be supportive of the PL. We'd have never backed a Super League plan. Hoping in the future that there's a way forward.


I don't want to draw battle lines, I just want to say 'look, this process is going on, we want very much to buy and invest in the club, we'd like the PL to run the arbitration process in public, Mike would like the same. Therefore, any questions that anyone might have about how committed we were, what we want to do, can be answered. I think it's an opportunity for the PL to take a view that they welcome the transparency as well. It's easier then, if there any critics post-process, at least everybody can say 'it was run with full transparency' and that;s important. 


[Jordan claims that it's pointless going to government about all this and that the PL itself has the ability to change rules around transparency]


I think you're wrong, you talk about twenty years and barking at the moon... Sport has changed dramatically in the last two years because of COVID. I know you're not pro our deal and I'm not going to get into a spat on Talksport. You have your opinions and that's fine, you'v;e never met me, you don't know who I am, you've never looked at our business plan. 


Just give me chance to answer your question. The PL have the right to vote this, and that's what we might do, that's what we asked for. But the PL is run by a board and that board is allow to make decisions about how this process is run. Now, arbitration is a particular point of law, it is not something you can say is typical to the process in sport arbitration over the last year. If the PL can make that decision, you're right, the government have said, this process should be transparent - they are supportive of it. 


Tell me why you're not supportive of it. [Jordan claims he is supportive of it, and says it's down to the PL to resolve it]


We've asked the PL to resolve it and we've asked them to have a vote on it, providing transparency. You'll find that the PL have instances, especially re arbitration... the PL offered this arbitration process, they didn't say to all the other clubs - 'we want to have this process, is it okay?' They had the ability to go out and do this. 


Saying the fanbase is gullible is ridiculous. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you into SJP and we are looking forward to getting this transaction over the wall and it will do.


We've made our position and thank you very much, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the fans.


We are all there, Mr Jordan, we are all very passionate about Newcastle, all the consortium members are. I've made that very clear in my other interviews. Made it clear to Sky and to Tyne Tees so thank you very much and thanks to the fans."





July 19th


See you in 2022.





July 27th


CAT jurisdiction hearing listed for 27th September (ie, the hearing to determine whether or not this even goes to CAT). 


Update: relisted for the 29th.









September 29th


CAT jurisdiction tribunal between 10:30-16:50. St James' Holdings and the PL have presented cases arguing why the case should and should not be heard by CAT.


This journalist's tweets provide a good summary of the day:





Ben Jacobs' take:





BBC write-up:







October 6th


Saudis lift ban on BeIn. 











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That is a truly dreadful idea, and a great way to get pretty much everyone in the country against it. Trying to put a downer on the country's most important game for 55 years. Fucking idiots.

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This is getting like the Fast n Furious movie franchise where each instalment gets more and more outlandish. 



Edited by Northerngimp

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Can we not pay for a remote control car in the shape of a black and white coffin that brings the football on the pitch and the ball is made up to look like the bald headed narcissist that is the self-titled voice of the fans? Great tv. 

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1 hour ago, B-more Mag said:

If anybody says the arbitration issue is "is PIF separate from KSA" in this new thread, I'm going to fucking explode.

So is the arbitration issue is PIF separate from KSA?



Sorry you asked for it...not sorry?

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