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Newcastle United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur - 17/10/21

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Plonked in the Town Wall now as we walked out on 85 mins. Saw the OG while waiting for me old man to have a slash.


Creased at the bloke in front of us calling the final straw at the Bruce out chants. Since the start of the season he’s been moaning that “he’s trying his best” every time a “get out of our club” chant has started. I heard him muffle that it’s “one fucking game”. 

Good riddance to the likes of this pillock 

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7 minutes ago, UncleBuzzcocks said:

I’m on about the crowd you divcunt


Are you mental? I FUCKING KNOW! It's exactly what I'm responding to. It's actually written in words. Keep up, man :mackems: 


A team full of multi-millionaire athletes, playing in the best league in the world, managed by a soon-to-be richer manager, all in front of new bosses...playing like they couldn't give a fuck. And you choose to blame the crowd. The stupidity of it is fucking mental. Beyond belief. 


Yeh, I'm the "div cunt". 

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Just now, sempuki said:

Is the girl on the left his daughter?


I think so. She looks like she knows her dad is pissed off too.


It's so unfortunate because they looked so happy before the game started and after the goal. made me actually want the team to win today.


But then Bruce ... knew he was going to ruin everything today. Could have been such a fantastic day man.

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