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Newcastle United 0-0 Crystal Palace (Newcastle win 3-2 on pels) - 09/11/22


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Just now, Hanshithispantz said:

Never listened on the radio in ages, what do I tell google? Asking it to play BBC Radio Newcastle brings up a pre-recorded message telling me to go on the internet?[emoji38]

It's available on co.uk - just need to register a free account 


That said, I feel like a peasant reduced to listening on the bloody wireless... What is this

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Just now, Scotty66 said:

Great tackle by Burn there, nice pass into Shelvey who hits a lovely 40 yard ball to maxi who takes on 4 players before just hitting it wide. 


I'm guessing that's what's happening right now. 

Keep guessing, Scotty! I'm liking your text more than the commentary. 

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