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Skint Luton beg Liverpool for Cup cash to help rescue the club......


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Skint Luton beg Liverpool for Cup cash to help rescue the club . . but Kop say NO


By Darren Lewis 05/01/2008


Liverpool last night shattered the magic of the FA Cup by refusing to donate their share of tomorrow's FA Cup third round gate receipts to penniless Luton Town.


Bankrupt Luton, who play the six-time FA Cup winners in a David v Goliath clash, face extinction if they do not find a suitable buyer by Monday at 5pm.


The Bedfordshire club, docked 10 points for going into administration in November, swallowed their pride to go begging to Liverpool.


But even though the Reds' share of the ticket sales would have amounted to around the £100,000-a-week earned by star striker Fernando Torres, Anfield chiefs rejected the move.


Luton boss Kevin Blackwell confirmed: "It has been asked by the administrator."


He then put a brave face on the snub by joking: "They probably said: 'We have to pay players £100,000 a week. You must be joking! Otherwise we will be like you!' You just have to accept it. There are people in life who have got a Rolls Royce while some people have a Mini. We are Mini drivers. We tried to live like a Rolls Royce but that's why we are where we are."



Luton have been unable to pay their players for the past nine weeks and the cash from tomorrow's game at Kenilworth Road has already been earmarked to help clear their debts.


The League One club are losing a whopping £400,000 per month as they battle to keep themselves afloat and this match offers some respite. They will receive £150,000 for being on TV and their share of gate receipts will add up to £100,000.


Chairman Bill Tomlins had agreed to fund the losses of the club out of his own pocket but that deal expired at the end of the year. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich made a donation to Scarborough when the two teams met in the FA Cup fourth round in 2004.







Do you think it was right for Liverpool to refuse ?

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No sympathy for Luton.  Why should they be treated any differently to any of the other clubs in the league struggling to balance the books?

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They definitely have the right to refuse, and it's not their fault Luton are in the shit, but I'd like to think that clubs who can afford to donate their share in order to help out a club that is desperate for the money, would do so if asked.


I'm not going to slag Liverpool off though because they're perfectly entitled to refuse.

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Guest Knightrider

Why should they? It's about time football clubs started taking more responsibility for their own fortunes or otherwise. I wouldn't mind if this was a non-league club asking for help but this is a football league club who while in dire straights financially, are like Man Utd compared to thousands of other clubs in this country who scrimp and save just to buy kits never mind anything else.



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I live in Luton and to be honest it doesn't help them that all the football fans living here are all bloody glory hunters. I walk through the town centre on a busy Saturday or Sunday and the only football shirts everybody's wearing are the usual predictable ones: ManU, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea  :rolleyes: I honestly think that I've seen more people wearing Toon shirts than Luton ones in the centre of Luton. So much for supporting your local club... :undecided:

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