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Darren Huckerby interview in the US


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Brilliant insightful interview on the ENGLISH LEGEND that is Darren Huckerby, really didn't know how good he really was 'til I watched this. Why didn't we keep him.  :weep:



Ps - Its a youtube link with some form of football content spliced in there. So it may be against the rules, but too funny not too share.

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Nor-folk! Fucking hell thats amazing..."WHEN YOU GO ON THE INTERNET.....he's a legend! Just look at this".....awesome.


"According to the internet...GREATEST goal ever" hahahaha

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Guest Stephen927

Huckerby says "yeah was playing against Beckham that day, was nice to win"


About 20 seconds later


"Have you ever played against Beckham?"



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f***ing hell, that was ridiculous.  I would like to see an apology from some of our USA based mags on here (looks to Mike) for that on behalf of the American people.




"Nor-folk.........no Nor-wich......"


Its Norwich in Norfolk you numpty.



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i'm not sorry for what my people have done, but i am embarresed as hell.


please restrict him from the record, he clearly has no idea whats going on and thinks hes funny. man's very obnoxious too.


huckerby, legend. lmfao.

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