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Reading's first goal vs us today (what on earth?!)


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This deserves its own thread as it's that goddamn fucking stupid.








Fucking stupid.


Some ways to describe it.


The BBC says:


Reading's opener, has been officially recorded as an own goal by Eustace, will go down as one of the strangest goals ever.


Stephen Hunt whipped in a corner which was contested by Noel Hunt and Eustace at the near post.


The ball bounced over the line - four yards wide of the goal - before being hooked back into play by Noel Hunt.


Reading's Andre Bikey headed back towards goal, where keeper Scott Loach made a save, but the linesman had already flagged - for a goal.


And referee Stuart Attwell gave the goal to total bemusement around the stadium.



Watch it if you get the chance. It's fucking ridiculous, and my voice is hoarse from screaming abuse at Nigel Bannister for the rest of the game.



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Guest Jawesome

Couldn't find this anywhere on the net.  I'm going to have to watch the championship ffs.  Now thats a joke.  A sign of things to come though?

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Guest guinness_fiend

Linesman should get sacked for that.


Imagine if Watford missed out on playoffs by 1 or 2 points.







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