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Tamas 'Kamikaze' Kadar breaks leg

Guest toonlass

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We've always had more than our fair share of injuries for years now but I can honestly say I've never known anything like this. Is that about 14 injuries now? Fair enough some aren't regular first team but these lads would normally have got a few games this season had they themselves been available to play.


It's just absurd. :hmm:

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Guest Geordiesned

Still yet to play for the 1st team and he's already a legend!


Tamas joined the group SAFC: SCUM AND FUCKING CRAP



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Shite news, as usual.


No end to it is there. :undecided: Totally bizarre.


Just constant bad news. Every day. Not taking the occassional good result into account - what 'good news' has there actually been since the whole Keegan/Ashley debarcle early Sept? It's craazy.

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It can't be that bad if he's only out for 4 months tbf.


Hope he gets back playing soon.


Still a broken leg though innit. :undecided: Feel shit for the lad - and even though it doesn't affect the first team it's still absolutely shit news.


Sick of it. :(

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