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Bernard to be released?


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he's got Newcastle disease apparently


Newcastle disease?




Gasping and coughing

Drooping 'bingo' wings, dragging legs, twisting of the head and neck, circling, depression, inappetence, complete paralysis

Partial or complete cessation of goal production

Crosses are misshapen, rough-shelled, thin-shelled and contain watery albumen

Greenish watery diarrhoea

Swelling of the tissues around the eyes and in the neck




Strict isolation of outbreaks

Destruction of all those infected and exposed

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of premises

Proper carcass disposal



Aye, sounds about right. :lol:

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Probably bollocks... but how exactly is he going to get to maximum fitness without football matches?


If he's fit enough to run around a reserve pitch for 90 minutes, he's fit enough to run around a Premiership one.


Then it's just a case of getting his footballing ability back to the required standard - and he needs matches to do that.

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Guest JonnyRogers

I doubt it's true, he's probably not on a massive wage so keeping him at the club is financially fine. Our squad is thin anyway, plus he was on the bench for the Palermo game so he's nearly there. I reckon he might even have a chance of starting or appearing against City on Saturday, as Roeder knows Babayaro's heart isn't here and Moore could be suspended for his clash yesterday.

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Guest pedros-mighty-chin

how the fuck can a professional footballer not get match fit within 2 and a half months ?


its an absolute disgrace. my theory is that he on the smack up in Scotland.....



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Anyone think that he's just utter tosh like Southampton and Rangers both thought since leaving the club?


But since GR made a move for him while at West Ham, and went and got him again this season in desperation he doesn't want to admit he can't spot a player and panic bought in the 1st place, so wont play him.


Someone came on here about 2 weeks ago and said he was only brought in to keep the fans happy and would be released in the jan window, never playing a game under GR. Of course we all laughed at that soul.  blueconfused.gif

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