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"GET OUT OF Man Utd/Liverpool/Newcastle/Portsmouth"


Who REALLY needs to get out...  

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  1. 1. Who REALLY needs to get out...

    • The Glazers (Man Utd)
    • Gillett & Hicks (Liverpool)
    • This weeks Arab owner (Portsmouth)
    • Ashley (Newcastle)
    • None Of The Above

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Portsmouth's problems today are all about people that are no longer there, leaving the problems behind for any old incapable to deal with. Harry Redknapp is just as much to blame on this one.


Things are still reasonable at Manyoo and Liverpool.


We got screwed over and relegated.

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Guest north shields lad

All of the above


Id rather football used to be like it was years ago without all these owners. Ashtley is a disaster for us, we will get promoted and he will fuck up just as much as last year. Portsmouth, well yes i do feel sorry for them, amazing how every club Harry has a few years managing, they end up skint (ortsmouth, southamton, west ham, bourmouth). And as for Liverpool and Manchester united, how can someone buy a club, for so many hundred million, pay for it with a loan, and then say the clubs owe the banks that money. Basically they bought the clubs for nothing. Atleast Liverpool fans have been protesting for years, amazing how Manchester united have just started, now that all these storys have come out, about how much they really owe.


But yes, i want all clubs to be succsesful in getting rid of there corrupt owners.

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Guest north shields lad

No idea what Liverpool asre whingeing at. They spent quite a bit in the summer.


According to there forums they bought Glen Johnson for 18 million (they were owed 9 million of portsmouth with very little chance of getting it) and they bought that Italian fella for 20 million, but only paid 5 up front, the rest goes on appearences and trophys he will win. Bot sure how much they sold Alonso for but think it was about 35 million, which was paid up front.

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