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NOFC at SJP - Black and White 2-3 Orange. Link to photos on page 30


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Here are the teams (names in order from spreadsheet, see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmxU0e4jkZgHdHVEd0dycm1vblBobm1sR1FwZEE5YlE#gid=0)


Black and white shirts, black shorts, black and white socks:

Nick Kane (NSG)    ©

Gary Ramm (bowlingcrofty)

Chris Lewis (Gaz+1)

Scott Wallace (Gaz+2)

Kev Reay (Gaz+3)

Pål Nese (Palnese)

Zak Harney (iwantcurlyhairtoo)

Rob Hunter (NEEJ Hunter)

James Roy (Gaz +8)

Colin Rance (MKSC)

Jon Brown (geordie_b)

Scott Wilson (Neesy + 1)

Andrew Saxelby (Neesy + 2)

Steven Shutler (Gaz+4)

Paul Samaden (The enforcer)


Orange shirt, white shorts and white socks:

Matty Palmer (mattypnufc)

Peter Brown (toonpete1982)    ©

Paul Loraine (LFEE)



Tom Storvik (Kaizero)

Chris McQuillan (Chris McQuillan)

Michael Nee (Neesy)

Kev Hoy (Gaz+7)

Jonathan Graham (mattypnufc +2)

Jamie Aisbitt (Gaz +7)

Chris Brown (slim)

Dom Shaw (Gaz +5)

Basher (Gaz+6)

Kevin Thomas (mattypnufc +1)


Video of the draw:



Starting line ups TBC soon.


Meet at SBR statue at 9.15am.

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this would be absolutely amazing to be a part of


Very much this. 


Of course, there will be plenty of people with a higher priority than myself - although Pilko should put in a word, cough cough - so I wont get my hopes up.  Put me on the list regardless.

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