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NUFC Player of the Year


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Are there any of our players that could be judged to be POTY?  A few have had a few decent games in a row over a month or so.  Ben Arfa was in good form before he got injured in the first part of the season and Santon did quite well up until Christmas.


Debuchy and Haidara have done OK when played but haven't played that many games.  Taylor's mostly done OK but has spent more time injured.


There just doesn't seem to have been any player who has been consistently good over the whole season.


Similarly with the young players.  I suppose Bigi started off quite well but has also had a fair few indifferent games.


Maybe I am overlooking someone but I just can't think of one player who could justifiably be called POTY or Young POTY.  This is in contrast to the previous few seasons where there has been several to choose from.





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Really difficult because most of them have spent a large chunk of the time injured and out of form. Steven Taylor has performed most of the time when h'es played. Cisse has scored vital goals. Not exactly a great accolade anyway given most of them havent performed to the best of their abilities.

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Inman?  He's had a decent season.


Out of this lot i'd probably go with Cisse.  He's worked hard whatever he's been asked to do and he's not done a bad job of knocking the goals in since Ba left considering.

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