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Adrien Silva: Fifa rejects Leicester City's application for midfielder



So Leicester missed the deadline by 14 seconds? FIFA are an absolute joke, like :lol:


I like it tbh :lol: You've got the whole window to operate in, tough titties if you're 14 seconds late.


This was my favourite bit though.


Sporting President Bruno de Carvalho added: "The transfer of Adrien is already completed. Hopefully Leicester find a solution for him."



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'SSN has exclusively obtained emails that appear to prove West Ham bid for William Carvalho' i.e. aforementioned Dildo Brothers have fed them some shite to 'reveal'. :lol: As much of a cunt as Ashley is, I genuinely think I'd rather stick it out with him than have those insufferable pricks involved with NUFC.

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On this Adrien Silva deal I'm sure I read on SSN that Leicester were granted an extra hour by FIFA to complete the deal, and they missed that by 14 seconds. If that was the case, I can see why they'd play hardball as they'd already given them plenty of leeway to complete.


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