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Mike Ashley (former owner)


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19 minutes ago, Northerngimp said:

Can we build a statue of this man and then later generations get to topple it?


Can we build a statue of this man and have pigeons shit on it for eternity?

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He did say, in that interview with Martin Samuel a couple of years ago, that he would keep his executive box "because my family will demand it". So we might not be shot of him just yet.


If nothing else he can see what the club could have been like under him if he wasn't such a clueless prick.

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Just now, Stifler said:

Let’s also not forget that as well as keeping his box, he is also a Spurs fan and has reportedly bought a box for them after selling us.

Biding his time for when they consistently miss CL football and all future revenue projections are in the bin. Guess who wins again.

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7 minutes ago, Rocker said:

Huge inflatable Sports Direct mug at St James by the looks of things. Think it says something like 'Goodbye something something Mug'



Photo going around twitter.




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Former Newcastle defender Steven Taylor:


"Were there any positives to take from Ashley's time at Newcastle? Looking back now, not really, no. 

"The way he handled things - whenever we thought we were doing well as a club, every year he would do something to upset the staff, the fans. You go in every day and see the staff just miserable.

"There was no energy around the place. The renaming of the stadium, that was outrageous to do. 

"I can’t think of one good thing from him from my time at Newcastle other than giving me a new contract.

"Stuff that Mike Ashley did, like naming the stadium the Sports Direct Arena, you’re just going against what the fans love."

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This cunt has damaged NUFC in way that not even a takeover can fix. Managers and players are easily replaced but Ashley has changed the very essence of our support. The raw passion and defiance in the face of adversity has gone because the type of fan who has those qualities can no longer get in the ground. And the cardboard cut-outs that have replaced them wont be giving up their season tickets now. Utterly, utterly depressing.



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