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Newcastle 0 - 1 Chelsea - Post match thread


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Star man for United?




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Post-match feelings?

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Guest Geordie_Paul

The free-kick was taken 4 yards to the friggin right of where the foul happened. I thought we dominated personally up until that cheating friggin point. Sorry that has really done my nappa in lol

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For a team that is full of the best ... its hurtful to see a team with attitudes like that to be such a good team... its like rubbing salt in to the wound... im am really f8ckin upset, because we really deserved to win... in every way... iam very proud of the team as a whole, but...

i do think we could have won it outright if we were setup differently

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Would love to stud Robben in the bollock and then elbow his face when he's on the floor

Same, he was rolling around and holding his face when he was supposedly tackled....


Pure cheating and diving, makes me sick that players could stoop so low.


We played well enough, oba almost scored but drogba was the bastard again.

Main reason I'm annoyed is not with newcastle at all, it was chelsea's dirty behaviour.



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Taught a lesson in gamesmanship from those bastards tonight. Decent effort from us, we're too soft though, too naive. Doesn't help when the ref in in Roman's pocket though, the wank. Fucking pissed off overall.

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But - even if Robben hadn't have done that, we'd have lost down to the pathetic and disgraceful management of Roeder. Terrible management, absolutely terrible.


Aye. While Chelsea were winning the battle with the addition of their subs, Roeder changed nothing.

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