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Stephen Carr

Newcastle Fan

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"Black and white are so very slimming on me, don't you think, ha ha ha?"


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He's just utterly frustrating, KD, after how good he used to be for your lot.


He's always injured, he's lost most of his pace, he's doubled in size, his arrival coincided with our dimmest stage for a while (obviously not entirely his fault, like!), he makes numerous dodgy decisions on the field, has been culpable for numerous goals this season, never seems too arsed to be playing for us, he made dodgy gestures at the East Stand against Sheffield United.... he was apparently trying to engineer moves back South (to Spurs in particular) over the summer, etc.


Just nowhere near good enough for a Premiership fullback.

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has carr really been that bad for you?


I think I'm funny, witty or clever when I edit other peoples posts so that my opinion is stated instead of the originals posters

Well, you're not.

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