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Wes Brown


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Roeder ready to launch bidMar 29 2007





By Luke Edwards, The Journal





Newcastle United have rekindled their interest in Manchester United centre-back Wes Brown as Glenn Roeder looks to rebuild his defence in the summer.


The Journal revealed in January that Roeder was keen on the England international, but the club failed to make a bid as they were told he would not be leaving Old Trafford in the middle of the season because of their European and FA Cup commitments.


But that is likely to change in the summer, with Brown unable to hold down a regular starting place with the Red Devils. The 27-year-old will only have one year left on his contract in June and is unlikely to sign a new one while he is in and out of the first team.


That will persuade Sir Alex Ferguson to part with a player he once described as the "best natural defender" he had ever worked with, although it remains to be seen whether Brown accepts a move to the North-East.





Story continues



Brown was part of the England squad in the summer and played in the 5-0 win over Andorra at Old Trafford in the autumn.



But the former Manchester United youth team player, who can play at centre-back or right-back, has fallen well down the pecking order at international level and his advisers have suggested he needs a move to re-invigorate his career.



Brown has made 154 League appearances for Manchester United and would have featured in far more had he not suffered two serious leg injuries since he made his debut nine years ago.



If Brown, who has ten England caps, did move to the North-East, he would be reunited with former team-mate Nicky Butt, who left Old Trafford for St James's Park in the summer of 2004 when he also became a fringe player under Ferguson. Meanwhile, Roeder has taken a swipe at the attitude of some of his first-team squad following the capitulations to AZ Alkmaar and Charlton Athletic.



United's performance in both games left a lot to be desired and Roeder's position has also been put under intense scrutiny as a result.



Newcastle appeared to be struggling for motivation once they went a goal down and Roeder will not accept such weakness in his players.



And Newcastle's manager has hit back at his under-performing stars, warning the unnamed individuals yesterday that they are in danger of being pushed out of his long-term plans.



He said: "Generally speaking, since I became manager of this club last February and bearing in mind the number of injuries we have had, I have been delighted with the response from our squad of players.



"This was shown in our results from February to the end of last season when we managed to finish seventh in the Premiership.



"However, in our last two games in Alkmaar and at The Valley I was particularly disappointed with the attitude of two or three of our players - not all of them - when we went a goal behind. This is something I just will not accept. I know who these players are and it will not matter to me whether they have contracts or not - they will not feature in my long-term plans for this football club."



Having played for and captained the club, Roeder also insists he knows exactly how the fans feel about a season which has failed to live up to expectations. "No-one wants this club to pick up some silverware more than me," he added.




[move][/move]dont know what others feel about this but i would have him ,plenty experience for a lad his age ,big games and manures coaching etc  but our chances of getting him are pretty poor unless we can convince him we are looking to be  going places (how many players have we told this too) and building a team to challenge for domestic and european honours (yawn).we do need players of his calibre to convince the likes of owen and the fans we mean business. 

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Please no. He might be average alongside some quality centreback like Ferdinand but put him on there with Taylor or similar and it'll be completely crap


That's a danger - plus the other concerns such as injury record and fat pay cheque and our wonderful record of signing ex-"big four" players...


But on the plus side he's better than what we have, wouldn't cost a ridiculous fee and is (according to that article) eager to get back into the England scene - something he could only do at right back due to the less competition there.


On balance I'd take him, as long as we signed one significantly better centre half as well (and of course a left back, striker and centre midfielder! :lol: )


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Would prefer Disitin who I reckon would cost less.


Ah, but our fearless leader has, for his own (obviously very good) reasons, ruled him out*


* Of course, he ruled the Gooch out just days before signing him, so... :rolleyes:


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hopefully his clumsy-ness won't appear again... i was hoping roeder at least finding abroad defender which potentially have good quality... germany at past few years had been producing real quality defender... french fullback also on top of their performance...

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There will always be question marks over players who look alright in a mint team then drop down to an average team.


He's looked good whenever I've seen him, but how much of that is down to the fact he's a defender in a team that nearly always dominates its games? Here he'll as often be on the struggling side as the dominating side, more questions will be asked of his defensive abilities here that's for sure.

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I know most of the time when the subject of Manchester United comes up I post how shite they all are...most of the time I've got my tongue firmly planed in my cheek but seeing as tho is actually a serious(?) story rather than something rediculous like someone claiming Vidic is the best player in the history of world ever...


I actually think Wes Brown is a really good defender. Old school no-nonsense puts his head in where it hurts type. Can't really tell how good he is in terms of orginastion and shite like that when he's in a (ahem) half decent side but you can tell he has balls. Question mark over his knees but I wouldn't say no if he's cheap as free...

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Harsh to say he is as poor as Bramble. Surely most would have to concede that he is an improvement on where we are now. I think the only thing would be the price, can we afford him and the other defernders we need to get for next season.

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