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OH GOD, NOT HIM!!! Your Nightmare Comes True...


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So, rather than posting about your managerial wet dream (which is pretty obviously José Mourinho for the vast majority here) I thought it would be interesting to see just who you would absolutely hate to see take the reins at the club...whose appointment would probably drive you into an eternal depression and possibly even make you consider taking a walk off the Tyne Bridge?


I'll start off with:


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I'll be a little controversial. I hate the idea of Houllier. He's a shit Benitez, defensively minded, makes a raft load of bad signings and has a dodgy ticker. I think it would all end in tears and we'd be back to square 1 with a fuck load of average players on huge wages.

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And although I love him:




We need to live in the present/future, not the past.

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TBF. Theres a little poll running here about Sexy football vs trophies.


Seems some people dont care about sexy football. And others dont care about winning.


So he would be a happy medium.

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I agree with indi about shearer or keegan too, however, I'd be livid if we even thought about approaching Barney...




Give it a week or so, and I'm sure Mort will be sufficiently far down the shortlist to be considering it... :lol:

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