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Wise Gone


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Its official



NUFC Statement - Dennis Wise


NEWCASTLE United can today confirm that Dennis Wise has left his position as Executive Director (Football).


The Club would like to take this opportunity to wish Dennis well for the future.


There are no plans to appoint a replacement in this role.


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**********DEEP BREATH******************






Even by our Jade Goody/Princess Diana* like exposure it has been a busy week.



* = Notice how the two people who at points rivalled us for headlines are both dead!!! You steal headlines from NUFC.

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The question has to be asked.Why did this not happen in August?It's the biggest admission of incompetence yet.


Probably still believed in him, but as the season went on, particularly in January, they probably knew it would be best to get rid.

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Well at least we know for a fact that something is afoot.


Still haven't wrapped my head round the whole Shearer in/Wise out thing yet, but I will have a good think about it when it's confirmed.


Clearly though, Mike Ashley has felt the hot hell heat of relegation, and has played his card. Hopefully our interests and his stay on the same course from now on, and we can start to look like a professional outfit once more from top to bottom. Only this will bring results on the pitch.

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