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Ashley statement

Optimistic Nut

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SEEING Newcastle United relegated from the Premier League has been a catastrophe for us all.


I fully accept that mistakes were made during this and previous seasons and I am very sorry for that.


I would like to say sorry to our magnificent supporters who have turned up in their thousands, home and away, up and down the country and who have given the team amazing backing throughout.


And I would also say sorry to all of the Club's hard-working staff, who have gone about their jobs all year long.


Bringing Alan Shearer back to Newcastle United was the best decision I have made. Alan and his staff did all they could to try and keep us up in the short space of time they had.


Talks are now ongoing between us about how we can take this Club forward again.

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What a shit statement, I would rather we got statements that meant something rather than a rehash of Llambias' statement the other day, they should have both came together or at the same time. I feel abit underwhelmed now, but fair play to him anyway.

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Guest westamfan

Can't fault him for not taking responsibility, our chairman blamed Roeder and the Dailly/Repka partnership even while they were still employed and shrugged off any criticism in his direction.


Hopefully he'll trust Shearer enough and bring in another good football man to go upstairs to make all those decisions he's admitted he's messed up making in the past.

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FFS, What do you expect him to say....?


Okay, the guys made mistakes, he's admitted that and he says he's in talks with Alan with regard to taking the club forward, what more do you want him to do at this stage?


Don't think anyone is saying anything other than fair play to him. I'm one of his biggest crtics but I think that's a pretty good statement and it took a lot of bottle. We don't need more uncertainty with the ownership of the club right now. We need stability, if a takeover takes place I hope to god it's fast and slient.


The mian thing he needed to do first of all was to sort out the management of the club and again fair play to him, he's begun doing that just 48 hrs after the season ended. If by the end of the week he's secured Shearer as manager then he should be congratulated, his next task is to let Shearer get on with it and back the man to the hilt.

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