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Arsene proposes kick ins instead of throw ins


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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has proposed the radical suggestion of scrapping throw-ins in favour of kick-ins.


The experienced French tactician is unhappy some clubs gain an unfair advantage from having a long-thrower in their starting XI.


Wenger specifically pinpoints Stoke's Rory Delap who is able to hurl the ball into an opponents' penalty area from the sidelines.


The Gunners boss believes it is an unfair advantage and that the playing field would be levelled by simply allowing players to kick the ball back into play.


As well as levelling the playing field, Wenger thinks that it would speed up the game and make the spectacle all the more exciting.



"The rule I would change would be maybe to play throw-ins by foot. Why not? I think it would make the game quicker," he told the club's official website.


"For example at Stoke, for Rory Delap it is like kicking the ball.


"It is a little bit of an unfair advantage. He is using a strength that is usually not a strength in football.


"Football is the most popular team game in the world and one day some crazy guy said 'we don't use the hands'.


"How could you have imagined on that day a game that is completely natural to play with your hands would become the most popular sport?"





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Guest dazzanufc1892

personally love the idea, however, i think that every club would go out of their way to sign beckham, 30 dead balls a game for him to swing in would ensure you at least 1 goal a game

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That was actually tried many years ago as an experiment in something like the FIFA World Under-18 cup.


I'd assume it was dropped for the obvious reason. That players would simply lump the ball into the box, thereby bringing about the very thing that Wenger wants to prevent.

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The chance to pump unchallenged long diagonal balls into the box from upwards of 60 yards away isn't going to help teams to play better football. Pricks like Allardyce and Pulis would be wanking over this rule change.


Straight from the Charlie Hughes school of tactics and into the bin where it belongs.

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Guest Stephen927

He does not mention it being like free kicks. He means placing the ball on the line and passing it along the ground to a team mate from there.

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