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Arsenal vs Newcastle - Post Match Thoughts.


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Great result and a great display just as I predicted...


Credit where credits due, Glen got it spot on. The fact they didnt have Henry for the whole game was decisive.

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that's how to take a freekick, no chance for given bluesigh.gif


taylor should have been inside of henry but bramble is marking henry so both are to blame


Or perhaps it was Shola's fault.


what do you mean with that? no-one's to blame for conceding a freekick they score from??? all henry had to do was run in between taylor and bramble to confuse both of them... that's just a basic attacking run. one of the two should have marked him and neither did


It's pretty obvious what I mean really: Bramble's had a good game, it was Taylor who gave away the freekick - which will happen when we're being put under this much pressure by the way - we're not playing with a man marker on Henry, so whoever's nearest picks him up, yet you still see fit to blame Bramble for the goal!!




Certain players get blamed for things irrespective of reality, unfortunately. Shola and Bramble are the main two. Conversely, Ramage and Carr seem to get away -very- lightly.


Carr's absence today was a pleasure to behold.

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before the season started never mind before the game, i would have been happy with a point away to the goons.


it does little to our situation currently, but its a point. we're out of the zone i think.

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My main thought is "Out of the bottom 3"


Lets hope it stays that way.


Given man of the match for me, total class. Dyer was also excellent at keeping possession.


We also got a point away against a very good Arsenal. I think if Van Persie had stayed on we would have been beaten.


On the negative side, Ramage and Duff.

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Call me crazy but I'm dissapointed with that. When you lead until the 70th minute, it's hard to be happy with a draw, no matter who the opposition is.


You're crazy




I mean if you'd offered me 1-1 before the game, I'd have definately taken it. It's just hard to celebrate a draw when we were leading.

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Martins, for the first time that i've seen him (other than the Levadia game) looked like a frigging cracking player. So dangerous - frightening pace - held the ball up well - lovely turns and touches. Just unfortunate he never got a chance infront of goal, but then nobody did. Dyer and him look to have a partnership there.

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