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Dinho lad

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JG: So Alan you're saying we needed to sell Andy to pay for this new video camera? But we sold him for £35m and this Sports Direct sticker says £500.


AP: Don't look at the price tag, that doesn't include er... VAT, and petrol to drive to the shop, and other stuff you wouldn't understand. It's all very expensive these days, and isn't the grass nice and warm. Anyway, just shut up and go over to that red cone, pretend it's a striker and kick some balls at it.


JG: But if I hit it I might break it.


AP: I think we'll be okay.

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Guest WashyGeordie

whats that dirty s*** stain i see on the horizon over there, just past jarra and south shields?....


Must be worth £35mil if it's got that good of a optical zoom on it!  :pow:

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Newcastle United midfielder Jonas Gutierrez looks down a camera lens at the club's training ground.


:lol: I don't know why, but that really tickled me


missed that but one, but aye, really- erm to the point

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