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Zambia win 2012 African Cup of Nations


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Quite looking forward to this. Who do you think will win it? Ivory Coast should coast it IMO but Senegals strike force is crazy. I think Ghana are massively over rated in this too.


Here are the groups:


Group A

Equitorial Guinea (host)





Group B

Ivory Coast


Burkina Faso



Group C

Gabon (host)





Group D






NUFC involvement


January 21st - Senegal 1-2 Zambia                  Demba Ba, Papisto

January 22nd - Ivory Coast 1-0 Sudan              Cheick Tiote

January 25th - Equatorial Guinea v Senegal  Demba Ba, Papisto

January 26th - Ivory Coast v Burkino Faso    Cheick Tiote

January 29th - Libya v Senegal                      Demba Ba, Papisto

January 30th - Ivory Coast v Angola              Cheick Tiote


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Coverage is on ITV4 btw. I expect to have to repeat this 100 times.


I stuck it in the title


You've also just given Dave a semi.


Stick some group details in the OP and it doesn't bear thinking about.

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It's also on eurosport, if you fancy watching it with the commentary a couple of seconds behind the picture.


While the planner says that ATP Tennis is on.


Eurosport :fwap:


:lol: It's a shambles at the best of times like.

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