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David Ginola suffers ski accident


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Nothing confirmed yet. Unsurprisingly, Twitter is where all the talk is.


TonyEvansTimes Tony Evans


@StanCollymore Wire services say he left hospital this morning and has three broken ribs

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A quick google would suggest that it isnt life threatening. I don't see elsewhere where it means coma so I'm not sure where Collymore has that from.


On a seprate note, it fucks me off when Tottenham are always referred to first when talking about his previous clubs and they always show a picture of him in a Tottenham shirt. We fucking brought him to the premier league..

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A thousand different accounts of what's going on at the moment. Some say coma, but some "respected" journos saying it's not too serious.


Edit: BBCSport BBC Sport

Ex-Newcastle and France winger David Ginola breaks five ribs in a skiing accident - he has now been released from hospital




Well, you know what I mean.

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