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The Battle For More Points than 2010/11 - SUCCESS!

Taylor Swift

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All right, since Dan fucked it up last year, I'm back on the job.


We're doing this again, and the aim is 4th. Forget about all the shit off the pitch. None of that counts. We've had shit summers and great seasons before and great summers and shit seasons before, too. Yeah, it's a dream but if you ain't dreaming, you ain't living.


On the pitch, we have Hatem, Colo, Krul and Papiss. Anything can happen.


Three untouchables this year: City, Chelsea and Man Utd.


Our competitors: Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs.


The final target: 69 points and CL.


The home target: 13 wins against everyone else, which gives us 39 points. Three more for draws against our competitors and three for draws against the untouchables. 45 points at home. 13-6-0.


The away target: Defeats to the three bigs, draws against the three aforementioned. Three victories against the promoted teams takes us to 57 in total. Then 9 draws takes us to 66 points. And a win away to Stoke takes us 69. It's arbitrary but fuck it. Let's see how it goes. 4-12-3. 24 away points.


Gameweek 1 Expectations

Newcastle 0

Arsenal 3

Liverpool 3

Spurs 3

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Guest hydeous

Battle for 4th!!

You have my full support (and my sympathies).


0 points this weekend. Completely supporting this hypothesis. HWTL!

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A positive thread on this forum?  Get ready for it to be pissed on from a great height.


Edit: See it already has been.


Good thread anyway, even if it is a bit mad its refreshing to have just one that isnt about doom and gloom.

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