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Newcastle United - Game of the Decade 2010-19


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Just in case anyone was getting sick of the Decade threads here's another one to get stuck into. What were your favourite games of the decade?


1) Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal

2) Newcastle 5-1 Sunderland

3) Newcastle United 3-0 Manchester United


We've had loads of class games this decade so get them all listed

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The 3-1 away at West Brom or the 3-0 at home against Stoke in 2012 from a footballing perspective. We just played some immense stuff. Especially since the Savage's of the world were telling us we were relegation fodder at the start of the season.

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Guest Howaythetoon

For me, I really enjoyed our win over Man Utd under Rafa the season before last, we were under the cosh, but that’s my type of game if we are not smashing someone.


Fulham away a few years back under Pardew the first half, and then we got torn apart :lol: Swansea away with Ba, Cisse and HBA up front as well.

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It's amazing how - during times when you feel like you can behave and react like a normal fan, and your support doesn't feel in any way tainted - Newcastle winning a football match just does incredible things for your mood. I already miss the purity of that so much already. I feel like I've been a significantly more miserable person since May of this year. :lol:


I think Mackems 5-1 might be my favourite. Having the time of my life having just got to uni, and that was just an incredible game. Sadly never saw the Tiote comeback; huge regrets.


3-2 against Everton is a recent favourite. 3-1 at West Brom was class with the front three all in amazing form. 2-1 at Brighton was brilliant and felt like we'd really made a massive step towards promotion. The 3-0 and 1-0 at home to ManU were both fantastic.

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