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Going forward please use this thread for significant deaths of the football world if you don’t want to start a thread on it.


The Still Not Worthy Thread is not an appropriate place for this.





RIP Gerard Houllier, your Liverpool time was a team I enjoyed watching growing up.

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Maybe not known to many but Dundee Utd/Scottish football legend Jim McLean has died today



Worked wonders with Dundee United. Managed to win the league. Almost impossible for anyone but the old firm to win it these days...unfortunately. He gave them some great nights in Europe too. I seen his side lose the Scottish cup final to St Mirren in 87 and they were in the UEFA cup final days later. They'd beaten Barcelona along the way I'm sure.


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dundee utd's jim mclean RIP.


To us of a certain age, this guy did great things and almost achieved the impossible.

loved watching their euro adventures - that night at the nou camp!!!!


and also just 90 minutes and a £50k bribe away from a european cup final.

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