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Man Utd vs Newcastle Utd - Match Thread


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Sorry if theres already a thread, couldnt find it


Id go for:





Taylor    Cacapa    Rozenhal    Enrique


Milner      Butt          N'Zogbia    Duff


              Viduka    Martins



2-1 to Manure :(


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We'll win 1-0. Pearson will get the job full time. Then come the end of the season we'll have scraped a European place. Next season we'll finish 14th and Pearson will get sacked at which point we'll look for another British manager.

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Christ. We'll get walloped about 5-0, unless Lippi is in place before then.


There's been an echo on this forum at times today, I tells ya!


I just want everyone to know that I was ITK when he's revealed. :p

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I actually disagree with the 'dejected players'. They wanted Sam out as much as some of the fans (if reports are to be believed). I reckon it'll be like the Pompey game with Roeder, the players will feel free and happy again, will look good, play quite well then lose 4-0.

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