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Alan Smith

Newcastle Fan
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Would love to think we could get our money back.


Too limited to be a worthwhile member of the squad. Is absolutely shocking in midfield, can't score, can't create. He can hold the ball up but I reckon we could have spent £1m and found a player who can do that.

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Plus the young lads


Take the rest out to Tynemouth pier, stick on some concrete boots and kick the fukers over the side, although you wouldn't need the concrete for Carr, in fact tie Carr to the bottom of the lot of them and throw him over the side, he'll be on the bottom of the ocean quicker than a ten tonne anchor.



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Apart from being neat and tidy, he has very little ability. If we're going to get anything on Tuesday, Viduka is a must.


I agree and for once can we play the ball to Vidukas feet.

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Smith is fuckin horse s****, as are Butt, Rozenhal, Duff, Shola, Carr, Taylor, Milner, Geremi.


f*** me, Keegan has a hard job on his hands.


You taaak shit, tbh  O0

Who do u think is good out of them? Milner is alright, and would be happy for him to stay as a back up, same wil Taylor.

Dont know how anyone can defend Butt, Roz, Shola, Duff, Carr and Geremi.

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Guest johnson293

I voted keep him as a backup.  We have a paper thin squad atm, and need to get some players in before we can sell, and i dont think we get much for him atm.


I would accept that, if he contributed anything.


I was one who thought it may be a decent signing at the time (proven prem. player who could play in two positions), but he has offered very little in any position he's played for us - and unlike some others, he has had the time in the team, and opportunities.


Doesn't look like scoring, isn't setting chances up, and as a midfield battler, he just guarantees a booking!


Could we not offer him to Boro to reduce the Woodgate fee a bit????

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Another Smith thread. Ace.


Hey, we started enough threads like 'Milner on the left why?', and 'Zoggy LB, just say no' and we got what was needed. Clearly Kev just needs one more on the Smith front before he wises up. ;)

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We're not in a position to sell at the moment. I'd love to see us get our money back in the summer though.


We can umm and ahh about his various attributes and non-attributes. At the end of the day, he'll drift from either painstakingly average, to rubbish, from game to game. Never good enough.

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