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KK resigns - see OP for new club statement issued September 6th

Guest Darth Toon
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Guest Darth Toon
Official NUFC Statement: September 6


NUFC wished, at all times, to keep any dispute that it had with Kevin Keegan private.


It is therefore disappointing that information has reached the media through unnamed sources and a briefing has been given by the League Managers Association that could give rise to a misleading impression amongst the Club's fans.


Newcastle United have no desire to engage in a war of words but inaccurate reporting of factual matters and inaccurate allegations have to be corrected.

Article continues>>


It is a fact that Kevin Keegan, on appointment on 16th January 2008, agreed to report to a Director of Football and to the Board.


It is a fact that Kevin Keegan worked within that structure from 16th January 2008 until his resignation.


It is a fact that Kevin Keegan, as manager, had specific duties in that he was responsible for the training, coaching, selection and motivation of the Team.


It is a fact that Kevin Keegan was allowed to manage his specific duties without any interference from any Board member.


It is a fact that Kevin Keegan agreed only to deal with the media in relation to Club matters relating to the Team and not to communicate with the media in relation to the acquisition or disposal of players.


It is a fact that NUFC is a business and operates, like all businesses, with financial constraints.


It is a fact that NUFC's financial constraints inform its transfer dealings.


The Board of NUFC have responsibility to ensure that the club is able to meet its commitments which include the wages and the transfer fees for players.


The structure at NUFC is clear, and has been clear from 16th January 2008.







Over the past few days, the board of directors of Newcastle United Football Club and Kevin Keegan have been in detailed discussions. The letter which Kevin received today from managing director Derek Llambias has failed to resolve the matters in issue between him and the club and accordingly he feels he has no alternative other than to resign.


Kevin Keegan said:


“I’ve been working desperately hard to find a way forward with the directors, but sadly that has not proved possible. It’s my opinion that a manager must have the right to manage and that clubs should not impose upon any manager any player that he does not want. It remains my fervent wish to see Newcastle United do well in the future and I feel incredibly sorry for the players, staff and most importantly the supporters. I have been left with no choice other than to leave.”


LMA chief executive, Richard Bevan, said:


“The LMA has been supporting Kevin during a very difficult period. We share his great disappointment and frustration that the situation could not be resolved.”


Kevin Keegan - Official NUFC Club Statement

Newcastle United Football Club is sad and disappointed that Kevin Keegan has resigned.


Over the last few days the Club has devoted itself to the discussions it has held with Kevin and as a result of those discussions had put together a set of practical suggestions for how to move forward.


Today the Club made it clear to Kevin that if he had any outstanding concerns on its proposals, he should raise them with the Club.


The Club regrets that Kevin has, instead of taking up that offer, chosen to resign.





From .com:


Keegan mystery


Tuesday morning brought widespread but unconfirmed claims of problems behind the scenes at SJP, with movement on the betting exchanges following rumours that Kevin Keegan had walked out on the club.


We're trying to find out what's going on now.





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Guest nufc_geordie

I really fear for us if this is true.....still, i'll believe it whn it's confirmed, no sign on any respectable websites.

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Would be an absolute catastrophe if true.


There is no way he can be happy with that window how you dress it up. I don't blame him in the slightest.


OK, this is not going to happen, so what I'm going to say is purely hypothetical.


If KK was to walk out now after a row and what he might consider to be a poor window, then I would blame him completely - and he would show himself to be less of a man and manager than I had thought. He would need to put his days of mood swings and inexplicable depressions behind him.


That said, I have absolutely no reason to believe this is true.

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i never wanted him when he came back, but he changed my opinion, and if this is true, im really gutted

Agreed. I didnt want him either, but he has proved me wrong (well, to what I thought he would do). I would be gutted if he left now after the good work has started.


What worries me even more would be that I would expect Denis Wise to be shipped into the job!!


I doubt this rumour is true though.

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You can't sack someone or bollock them for not signing enough player's.  Surely that's f***ing Jimenez's fault.  The only thing I can even remotely see is that Jimenez has been offering Keegan players and he's been saying no.  It's fairly obvious Keegan didn't go out and actively scout the likes of Jonas, Colo, Xisco and Nacho, Vetere and Jimenez did and Keegan approved them.  I think he probably identified Guthrie but I'll believe this load of tripe when I see it on .co.uk and if I do I think I might have a nervous breakdown.

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Whether he's walked or not, it appears from posters elsewhere who have previously had reliable sources, that there was a fucking huge row yesterday.

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Whether he's walked or not, it appears from posters elsewhere who have previously had reliable sources, that there was a fucking huge row yesterday.


Does it? Which posters were in the office with Ashley and KK then?


I imagine Ashley was off doing something else entirely, having already agreed a budget for the recruitment team to use.

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MMM - you would expect a club statement immediately now if the is NOT true now that this is circulating.  Although its only on .com, they do not normally resport to this kind of story without substance.


Hope its not true, if it is, we are in the s***.

I once got an article on there when I was pissed that I completely made up.  Pissed me off though as it turned out to be true a few days later and made them look like a remotely professional outfit.  I bet I could get an article on it now.

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