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Michael Owen

Guest Howaythetoon

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aye, we'll desperately need him until january, when he will be off


He'll not be off in january, he'll stay 'til the summer then bugger off on a free which he'll agree with a club to go on in January.


Naa he won't, he simply will not go abroad again, he'll want to stay in the Country to keep him in the England frame.



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Guest Alan Shearer 9

He's manned up at this crucial time, earnt his keep and proved himself to the fans imo. He was the first to applaud the crowd (albeit small) after the defeat to Spurs. If he stays till the end of the season and leaves on a free (If we're still in a mess), then I'll have no complaints.

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Guest The Libertine

it would be interesting to bump a few "omg owen is ghey" threads and see all the ITK bollocks and "owen is past it" stuff.


next may, we'll all be thanking him for saving us from relegation.

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