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Had to post this absolute gem

Guest Antec

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Sunderland ace Diouf: I'm as good as Drogba, Eto'o

18.10.08 | tribalfootball.com


Sunderland attacker El Hadji Diouf says he's as good as Chelsea star Didier Drogba and Barcelona ace Samuel Eto'o.


“Do you think that Sunderland would have given me a four-year contract if I could not play anymore?” Diouf asked in L’Observateur. “Not at all.


“Today when we speak about Eto’o and Drogba, we also speak about El-Hadji Diouf. I made history in Africa and in the world.


“As long as I will play well for my club I will carry on representing Senegal in the national team. For the moment I’m focused on The Premier League, I try to do my best and to represent Senegal the best I can in England, as I always did.”


Diouf also slaughtered Bordeaux star Souleymane Diarra.


"Souleymane Diawara will never do in his life what I have achieved. I’m the only Senegalese who won the [African] Ballon d’Or and who is internationally known.


“People don’t even know him. If he goes to Saudi Arabia people will ask: 'Souleymane Diawara? Is it a ketchup brand or something?'


“I’m part of the 100 best players of the century. I’m a leader, I say it and I say it again. Senegalese people can’t be fooled, they know who made them dream.


“They are also aware of who did s***.”


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Guest Heneage

Hahaha. Can you imagine if Shola had made comments like these? Or Oba or Owen, they'd be on here for days.


What a deluded gobbing little muppet Diouf is. Mind you he turned us down to join Sunderland, all of their summer signings did you know.

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Response to shepherd the sheep. Appeal (see The Daily yesterday) by Souleymane Diawara, El Hadji Diouf fate of silence in which he had walled since the elimination of Senegal by the Gambia to make the replica. "I do not boxing in the same category they" says it towards Niang and Diawara. He has not spared in the fun in these terms: "Souleymane Diawara in Saudi Arabia, it is asked what brand of ketchup. To be more serious, he revealed: "If Lamine Ndiaye had convened, I took my luggage to leave. Because for him, "a guy who prefers his vacation to the national team has nothing to do in the same team that (it). For the reconstruction, Diouf pleads for El Hadji Malick Sy Souris, "the person indicated," "Man of the situation".




What is your reaction after the release of Souleymane Diawara to you?


Diawara has no lessons to give me or make me accountable. I have nothing to reproach myself. I am disgusted for the Senegalese after disposal and this is normal. But after that it (Souleymane Diawara) or speak it hurt me. If it was Tony Sylva or Henri Camara who criticized me or Lamine Diatta, I would have understood. These people have done something for Senegal, but someone who has never wet the jersey of Senegal, I will not dwell on it. What I did in football, Souleymane Diawara never will in his life. I am the only Senegalese who won the golden ball and is world famous. Him (Diawara), people do not even know. If share in Saudi Arabia, they will ask is what brand of ketchup, this Souleymane Diawara. I have nothing to reproach me and he said none of my business. Today, when we talk of Eto'o and Drogba, we refer to as El Hadji Diouf. It says the history of African and world football. I have nothing to envy them. They rocketed into the world of football, I have rocketed in football, they have rocketed in the African Cup, I have done so. They have the blessing of their people and I've got the blessing of my people. With Samuel Eto'o, I'm part of Class A Puma. I am one of the 100 best players of the century. Diawara can say what he wants. It has not been called by the coach. For me, players who refused to wear the national jersey to go on vacation are not Senegalese. I prefer to lose with Senegal to hide behind holiday.




You are also accused you, the managers, have manipulated the coach Lamine Ndiaye for non-selection of Niang and Diawara?


I am a leader, I say and I repeat. If the coach had called me, I would not come. Out of respect for myself and for my family because when we needed them, they were not coming. If they were citizens as they say, they would have come a very long time. As against, I've never told anyone. But today I say this openly, I am a man, I do not hide behind something. If the coach had called, I was going to take my luggage and leave.




"A guy who spends his vacation rather than come to the national team and has done two or three times, it has nothing to do in the same team as me"




Were you alone?


Why, they talk about Henri Camara, because it disturbed? They just talk about El Hadji Diouf. I say that if they came in the Senegal national team, I take my luggage and I would be gone. The other, we must ask them. I say this because I am a man and I have nothing to fear. I say things as they are. A guy who spends his vacation rather than come to the national team and has done two or three times, it has nothing to do in the same team as me. I am here to defend the colors of Senegal and dignity. In difficult times like in times easy.




That is exactly what the problem between the pair Souleymane Diawara and Mamadou Niang and the pair Henri Camara and El Hadj Diouf?


There was no problem. I laughing with them. There is no problem, it is not boxing in the same category. (he insists). We (Henry and me) have taken the national team very far. If someone else is proud to wear the jersey of Senegal thanks to Henry, Tony, the other in 2002 including me. They (Niang and Diawara), they have come to prove what they can do, then we will talk to them. At the Can 2008, they were there and took 3 matches on 7 goals and the other has not scored goal. Today, they want to talk, no! They have no voice. The Senegalese are not fools, people who have made their dream, they know it. People who have that crap, they know it. They were there on the Can and returned to the first round. Souleymane Diawara, if national team, he would play in place of who? Malickou or Diagne Faye? These are ten thousand times better than him. They (Niang and Diawara) were there at the Can, and it is not four years.




"There are a lot of people who are behind the team and who do not want it wins"




What is the responsibility of others in relation to this failure?


Everyone is responsible. The coach has a responsibility because we are not qualified. The players the same. Personally, of the four matches played, I was not miserable. I am thoroughly beaten. At the airport, people asked me not to let go. They know I can always bring something. You think if I could not even play, Sunderland would give me a four-year contract. Not at all. We must stop talking. What we need to do is see what went wrong.




Exactly, what's wrong?


It is a brand, but we can not say that the group had not hungry. We should not wait until the last moment to say yes because of Henri Camara and El Hadji Diouf that it did not work. " As long as I play in my club, as I am good with my club I play in national team of Senegal. A coach talking to me, I want good, but not people who have never done anything in football. We must say one thing, we did not deserve to go because we did not win the Gambia and that's all. If the goal I scored in Liberia was not refused, we would not be here today. Everything was against us. There are a lot of people around the team and who do not want it wins. I am sure. But today, nobody wins.




First penalty, Lamine Ndiaye is dismissed, how do you measure that?


Lamine, he has put a spanner in the wheels so it can not work quietly. We go to training to 48 hours a very important match against Gambia, and the lawn was not mowed. And for that we players have given each 10 thousand francs to people who tonda to get it done. We went at night to check.




Malick Sy "Souris" is the right person. He is the man of the situation.




The retirement of the generation of 2002 is also troubled ...


For now, I focus on my championship. By the end of the season we will talk. I try to give the best of myself in the championship and represent with dignity Senegal in England as I have always done.




So retirement is not news?


For now I concentrate on my club. When the time comes, we'll see.




How to rebuild?


It is not enough to talk as we used to do. To build, it will take time and put people right thing. When there was Bruno Metsu, there was someone at the head of football that everyone knew, is Malick Sy "Souris". Today is the person identified him. He is the man in the situation, at least, he knows football and he knows how to talk to people. He knows also galvanize his players.




Which coach?


There is a foreign coach who could do something in Senegal. The authorities prefer to give a check for 10 million to a stranger than to give their Senegalese counterpart. We must take a coach who has character, who will not listen to people. It takes a coach this team that can not be done. A coach who speak football.

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To be fair, there is alot of emotion around Senegalese football at the moment. They've exited the World Cup at tan embarrasingly early stage due to a loss to their inferior rivals Gambia on their home ground. The fans were very unhappy and they threw missiles and rioted. The players had to stay back in the locker room for a good while, and the Senegal FA office was attacked with rocks and such. All the great promise of 2002 is now completely and utterly gone. A big part of the reason for this is the action of the "big men", especially Diouf. As Diawara rightfully said, these players treated NT duty as a vacation and a party, and now as a result, they will be watching the next World Cup and African Cup of Nations on their home television sets. There is alot of fingerpointing and disharmony among the players, the fans, and the officials. As you may well know, Diouf is not very humble, and has a lot pf pride. He is just trying to hide from his shame.




But stil: :lol:

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