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How do you watch the NUFC games?



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  1. 1. Mainly?

    • Sky Sports at home
    • Setanta Sports at home
    • Sky & Setanta at home
    • Euro Satellite Dish System
    • Online Streams
    • Pub and Online
    • Euro Sat and Online
    • Pub
    • Combination of all
    • Go to the game

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Just wondered, it seems at least 30 of the 38 league games are available to watch somewhere in the UK now, so how do people watch them?


I remember 5 years ago i was over the moon if i could get an online radio commentary stream of our matches, now i expect to watch every  one.

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This season so far is pretty typical for me - one live from the gallowgate end (I live 6,000 miles away so its difficult for me to attend more), half a dozen or so at a pub (I live in a town with a large ex-pat community that has a place that opens early mornings for most games), on-line (setanta broadband, etc.), on a firends TV ten times or so, and if desperate radio (once so far this season).

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tv, radio, stream, pub, live.


strangely enough since the beginning of last season ive never seen nufc win a game that ive watched on telly in a pub, and its been pretty frequent.  :dave: next time it's on a channel i dont have i'll resort to something else to try and break the curse.

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Guest daveaha

Telly and Stream.  In Singapore they show at least 6 matches over the weekend... and good chance that Toon game is live


If the Toon is not in telly, then stream it !

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