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Where are you watching the derby?


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Just wondering  :cheesy:


In a pub, bar, at home, at a friends, in a field?


also in which country? (for you outside of the uk)



Me: I'm getting a lift into Newcastle to watch it in some pub, prolly in *cough* Mood or Players in the Gate :lol:


(of course I'd rather be in the stadium but ah well)



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I'll be sitting in my dormitory. On my bed in my room watching the match on a laptop with my headphones. With my roomate and his girlfriend lying sleep in the other bed. Will make me miss home, at least there would be my friends and family "taking the piss" out of me and my father for caring about a derby between two s***, nonsense, "yeye" teams. Now, I'll just have some midget Asian girl and her drunk boyfriend yelling for me to stop screaming at my computer so they can continue sleeping to 3 p.m. I just hope we win, or at least get a credible draw. If we lose, I might just sit out naked in the -10 C cold to cool down.

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At home, doing the "honestly honey we will win this week" speech with the misses as usual to convince her to sit through the pain with me. She lost the stomach for it about a year ago. She used to cry when we lost in the Bobby days ( thats when I got her into football ) During the the Souness and Roeder days she would just get depressed for a few days, now she just hates me when I convince her to watch it.


Anyway Watching on a 50" Samsung at home in Ipswich.

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